Monday, August 11, 2008

Sony HVR-Z7U now in Lito Sy Studio Makati

Fresh from Tokyo is our New Baby the Sony HVR-Z7U!!! It has an option to dual record HDV/DVCAM/DV files to tape and compact flash cards ( with an included detachable memory-recording unit) It features three 1/3 inch ClearVID CMOS sensors, enhanced by Sony's EXmor technology which uses a unique analog to digital conversion technique for reduced noise and improved low light performance.

                   I'm so lucky to see a geisha walking in GION,Kyoto
                        In Bunkamura Building with our japanese friend, HIRO.
                      Bought the new Sony HVR-Z7U in Akihabara                                         So excited to try it in Shibuya...
                         In omotesando with the maikos and my daughter, Lianne
                         Doing a short film with Lianne in Shibuya
                                          One of the Temples in Kyoto.

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ernie said...

hellow sir lito dis s ernie mangoba of vigan city, ang ganda pla dyan kyoto. idol ka talaga sir tnx sa mga teaching mo lalo n ngayon kung saansaan na ang mga schedules mo all over the country. Galing u talaga sir !!!! god bless po and more power..